Computer Science

Bhonsala Military College    04-Mar-2020
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Profile of Department of Computer Science
About Department of Computer Science:
   The department was established with the motto to provide the professional education to the students. The B.Sc (Computer Science) course was introduced in the year 2000 and (Comp Sci.) in 2006. It’s a self financed department with rich infrastructure and facilities.
The department provides maintenance of computers and the networking service on the campus with its strong FTP & DHCP Servers.
Mission Statement of the Department: 
   To prepare rural youth with technical abilities
   • To enable students for graduate training in some specialized areas.
   • To make students capable for jobs in industries.
    • To exhibit proficiency in problem – solving techniques by using computer.
    • To develop necessary knowledge and skills to achieve professional goals.
    • To inculcate professional development for recent and upcoming technologies.
Student Focused Activities : 
   • Home Assignments
   • Class Tests and Aptitude test
   • Class Seminars
   • Old Question Paper
   • Preparation exam
   • Industrial Visits
   • Guest Lectures
   • Participated In various competitions such as Projects & seminars by students to various colleges and won prizes.
   • Students also take part in NCC/NSS Activities to enhance themselves .
   • Exposure is given through lectures like scope in Computer Science.
 Teaching Staff:

M hase_1  H x W 
  Ms. Monali Shivaji Hase
  M.Sc. Electronics Sc. SET, Pursuing Ph.D
  Specialization in Electronic Science
  [email protected]
  11 Years of teaching experience

ANP_1  H x W: 0
 Mrs. Alaknanda Nilesh Pawar
 M.Sc. (Comp. Science) NET
 Specialization in Computer Science
 [email protected]
 10 years of experience

VRN_1  H x W: 0
  Mrs. Vaishali Rajesh Nikam
 Specialization in Computer Science
 [email protected]
13years of teaching & 3years of industrial experience
RRR_1  H x W: 0
 Ms. Ranjita Ramchandra Rathore
 Specialization in Computer Science
 [email protected]
 9 year of experience
DVW_1  H x W: 0
 Ms. Devyani Vikram Warungase
 MCA, M.Sc(Comp.Sci.)
 Specialization in Computer Science
 [email protected]
10years ofteaching &1.5year industrial experience
oak_1  H x W: 0

 Ms. Kavita oak
 Specialization in Computer Science
 [email protected]
 12 year of experience
TNR_1  H x W: 0
 Miss Tejeshwari Nandkumar Rasal
 M.Sc.(Comp. Sci.),M.C.A,SET
 Specialization in Computer Science
 [email protected]
 7 year of experience
NNP_1  H x W: 0
 Ms.Nishigandha Nimbaji Pawar
 Specialization in Computer
 [email protected]
1years of teaching &1years of industrial experience
SRR_1  H x W: 0
 Miss Shraddha Ramdas Rayate
 M.Sc. (Comp. Science)
 Specialization in Computer Science
 [email protected]
 1 years of experience
LPM_1  H x W: 0
 Miss Leena Prabhakar Main
 M.Sc. (Statistics)
 Specialization in Statistics
 [email protected]
 1 year of experience

TBR_1  H x W: 0
 Miss Tejal Bharat Aher
 M.Sc(Comp. science)
 Specialization in Computer Science
 [email protected]
 1 year of experience