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Bhonsala Military College    29-Nov-2019
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                                                                                                                                       Since 16th February 2016 
    Capt(Dr) Shripad G. Naravane,
        (Chairman CHME Society, Nashik Division)


    Mr.Mohit S.Purohit


KAMRI is a think tank operating under the aegis of Central Hindu Military Education Society (C.H.M.E.S). The office is based in Nasik, Maharashtra and facilitated by Bhonsala Military College.

The logo of KAMRI signifies guidance, navigation, vigilance and the way forward in regards to our maritime affairs. Our motto is “ : िस=धुिमव नावयाित पषा´: 33तयेwhich means “do thou convey us in a ship across the sea for our welfare.”


KAMRI aims to undertake rigorous research of maritime affairs around the world. Facilitate guest-lectures in order to enhance student participation and civil awareness. It aims to highlight India’s significance the world of maritime, where borders are often disregarded.


Study India’s maritime heritage and spread awareness in the society. Encourage youth to build on our proud tradition in the field.
Conduct   lectures,   seminars,   conferences,   conclaves   and   field   research   while keeping track of current maritime affairs.
Undertake research on geo-physical, geo-cultural and geo-economic aspects of maritime studies.

Find new ways to increase cooperation amongst sea faring nations of Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

Promote common cultural and economic heritage with IOR allies and beyond.

Study, and analyse, geopolitical and geostrategic maritime issues impinging on India’s maritime security.

Collect data and build a knowledge bank for maritime library, and facilitate publication of research papers, journals and newsletter.

          Kanhoji Angre Maritime Research Institute (KAMRI) is a non-government research institute. It was established on 16th February 2016, under the aegis of the Central Hindu Military Education (CHME) Society, Nashik, to facilitate qualitative research and analysis in the field of maritime domain and enhance public awareness about India’s rightful place and significance in ​‘matters maritime’. The Logo of the Institute signifies guidance, vigilance & surveillance around our maritime affairs with a motto सन: सधुमवनावयातपषा: वतये which means ​do thou convey us in a ship across the sea for our welfare.
 Maritime and Security Aspects of Blue Economy of India in Oceanic Theater
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A national conference held on 15th and 16th Feb 2016, at Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, Bhayander (W), Mumbai. Chief Guest was Shri Manohar Parrikar, Honourable Defence Minister of India. Participants include 40 experts, 15 members, 5 research scholars, 120 teachers and students. The aim of the conference was to explore various aspects of maritime security and blue economy, and discuss its significance in the development strategy of the nation. It channelled a thought process, participants showed interest to research further in maritime domain.
 India’s Maritime History and Heritage
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A national level seminar held on 27th and 28th of February 2017, at the University of Mumbai. Chief Guest was Vice Admiral (Retd.) Shekhar Sinha, PVSM, AVSM, NM & BAR. Participants include 5 patrons, 8 advisory board members, 8 technical committee members, 10 organising committee members, 2 guest of honour and 15 resource persons. Seminar was also attended by many serving and retired officers, journalists, academicians, research scholars, and undergraduate and postgraduate students from all faculties, 289 students in total. The aim of the seminar was to identify, analyse and address the key issue regarding India’s Maritime History and Heritage. It highlighted the necessity of exploring the topic further.
 SAGAR: India’s vision for Indian ocean
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A national conclave held on 27th and 28th November 2017, at Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi. Chief Guest was Shri Suresh Prabhu, Honourable Union Minister for Commerce and Industries. Participants include 10 experts, 4 members, 2 teachers, and 10 students. Aims was to map the trade and commerce via sea, ocean, and bay, that encompass Indian peninsula. Knowledge grows as often as it is shared. Intellectual interaction at this platform is a knowledge bank in itself.
    India’s Coastal Security: A Way Ahead
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 A national conclave held on 30th November & 01ST December 2018. Organised in collaboration with the Department of Civics and Politics at Pherozeshah Mehta Bhavan and Research Centre, University of Mumbai. Shri Raghujiraje Angre, descendant of Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre, was the chief guest. Aim was to identify coastal security interest and their vulnerabilities, establish shared objectives and course of action. The event was attended by 106 students, 7
researchers, 20 coastal community members, 2 coastal police officers, 4 naval officers, 11 resource persons, 12 core members, 16 committee members, 2 print media reporters. It aided in crystallization of ideas, suggestions and recommendations towards resolving the issues discussed throughout the conclave
                                        INSV Tarini Sagar Parikrama 
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A guest lecture by Lt Cdr Pratibha Jamwal was held on 1st September 2018. She was a member of the first all-women Navy crew which returned after circling the globe on INSV Tarini. The all-women team comprised six members including Lt Commander Vartika Joshi, Lt Commander Pratibha Jamwal, Lt Commander Swathi Patarpalli, Lt Aishwarya Bodapatti, Lt SH Vijaya Devi and Lt Payal Gupta. This was the third voyage in the saga of Sagar Parikramas done by Indian Navy. The massive expedition was aimed at promoting ocean sailing activities in the Navy and depicting Indian Government’s commitment towards women empowerment. It also showcased the Union Government’s 'Make in India' initiative by sailing on-board the indigenously built INSV Tarini. The aim was to amplify exemplary national achievements and so Lt Cdr Pratibha Jamwal was welcomed at Bhonsala Military College by the audience of 200 strong students from NCC Naval Wing and Defence and Strategic Studies. Another session was organised for Bhonsala Military School (Girls) at Dr Moonje Institute Auditorium.
                                  Challenges of Coastal Community and Their Role in Nation Building
20th & 21st December 2019 At Pherozeshah Mehta Bhavan, Dept of Civics and Politics, University of Mumbai, Kalina Campus, Santacruz East, Mumbai - 400098
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Aim was to identify coastal communities' interest and their insecurities, establish shared objectives and course of action. Orienting the uses of available means to improve the time of response, anticipation and forward planning. The event was attended by 90 students, 10 researchers, 30 coastal community members, 6 coastal security representatives, 15 resource persons, 8 core members, 12 committee members, 5 media reporters. The seminar gained importance with respect to coastal security management. Community insight was unexpectedly enlightening for the participants.
             Kanhoji Angre Maritime Research Institute and Department of Civics and Politics, University of Mumbai have agreed to conduct a monthly lecture series at the Virtual Classroom in the last week of every month starting 27th February 2020. Inaugural guest was Dr Anil Nene, an economist from London, who deliberated on “Maritime Security - an overall perspective.”
           KAMRI activities are currently curtailed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Next event will be organised based on government advisory.