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Bhonsala Military College    06-Aug-2020
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In Bhonsala Campus there are two boys hostels and one girls hostel. Each hostel is supervised by a Bhavan Master. No boarder is allowed to leave the campus. Out-pass is given to students on Sundays for essential shopping. Out-pass is valid for three hours only. 
Military Training
Boarder students have to undergo Compulsory Military Training. The course structure for Military Training includes Drill, Physical Training, Weapon Training, Map Reading, Horse Riding, Swimming, Self-Defence, Yoga, Malkhamb etc. The infrastructure for military training includes Obstacle paths, rifles, swimming pool and horses. 
Food and Mess
 All the students dine in the common mess. The mess offers nutritious vegetarian food. The mess provides morning tea, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and snacks and dinner to the students at the specified timing. Attendance is compulsory at each meal. The menu and food quality is supervised by the Bhavan Masters. The menu served is general and nourishing in nature for the needs of growing children. No eatables from outside are permitted to be brought in the mess.
Health Care 
The institute has a tie-up with Shree Guruji Rugnalaya, which is located at the far end of the campus and health issues are promptly attended. The hostel has a rescue van ready for service 24/7. 
Special lectures are frequently organized by institute on health care, diet, positive well being, stress management, food and nutrition, dental car etc.
The boarder students are shown films and video on themes related to war, armed forces etc.. Limited television viewing is arranged for the students. Students are shown war movies during evening hours in the weekend. The strategic analysis of the warfare shown in the movie are discussed and explained by Ex-Service personnel. 
All the items such as uniforms, toiletries, Military Kit etc are provided by the institution for the students at the beginning of the academic year. 
An electrical laundry is under operation at the campus. Our dhobi staff takes care of the bi-weekly collection, washing, drying, ironing and delivery system. 
Saloon with a barber is functioning in the campus for the convenience of the students. It is mandatory for the boarders to have a proper hair cut every fortnight.
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