Message from Secretary,C.H.M.E.Society,Nashik

Bhonsala Military College    28-Apr-2021
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          Hon.Shri.Hemant Deshpande
Ever since its inception, the Bhonsala Military College has laid a solid foundation to groom better and responsible citizens for tomorrow. A philosophy envisioned by our great founder Dr. B. S. Moonje before independence. We provide military education, a unique approach towards streamline academics to give our ramdandees an extra edge.
Our effective leadership and mentors nurture the basic intellectual architecture required for nation building. Our ramdandee develops an acumen to excel in the field of their choosing by identifying their strengths. Our ex-ramdandees eagerly awaits a reunion which showcases that their bond remains intact. May they be serving the nation as a gallant military veteran, a policy maker, a civil servant, an educator or as an entrepreneur, they remain a thorough bread ramdandee at heart.
This is a result of our relentless collective effort, we are proud to be the one who designed and introduced a degree in Defence and Strategic Studies which is now taught in various universities. We are one of the few colleges to offer the said course at the postgraduate level.
Should you decide to join the Bhonsala family, you’re more than welcome to bring your innovative mind with you.

Shri.Hemant Deshpande,
C.H.M.E. Society,