Psychology counselling by department of Psychology

Bhonsala Military College    26-May-2021
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 Psychology counselling by department of Psychology
As we all know that the present covid-19 pandemic has left everyone of us worried about our present and future. Some of us have lost their near and dear ones. Some of us might be going through financial, emotional, relational, familial, marital and existential problems. In an attempt to know and possibly reduce the psychological stress associated with the above problems the department of psychology, Bhonsala  Military college has initiated counseling drive for all staff members of BMC (teaching and non  teaching ), students and their blood relatives. You can share any of your problem with us on following contact numbers. 
1. Dr. D. P. Pawar - 9922155418
(Head, department of psychology)
2. Mrs. S. Bhavsar- 8805362652
3. Mrs. Pooja Deshmukh- 9765352156
4. Miss. Reena Rai- 8605414074