Recent developments in Afghanistan

Bhonsala Military College    26-Aug-2021
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The Department of Defence and Strategic Studies of CHMES’ Bhonsala Military College has created a YouTube video about the recent developments in Afghanistan. Faculty members of the college have expressed their views on the developments. Kindly view, share and subscribe.

Disclaimer:- The views expressed in the video are those of contributors and not necessarily of the College authority.

1) Maj.Vikrant Kawale:- Beginning of Taliban in Afghanistan –

2) Dr.Ramesh Raut:- Taliban War Strategy : Khaibarkhind to Umbarkhind

3) Dr.Subhash Sawant:-
Afghanistan Issues - Impact on Indian Economy

4) Mamata Kulkarni:-
Afghans in a United India and Afghans in the 21st Century –

5) Dattatrey Nimbalkar:-
Why USA enters into Afghanistan -

6) Vinod Sonawani:-
Taliban's endeavour to establish supremacy over Afghanistan and challenges India’s National Security

7) Bhushan Deshmane:-
Taliban is an Upcoming Crisis

8) Shrikrushna Kulkarni:-
Afghanistan and Media

9) Snehal Nikam:-
Political instability in Afghanistan

10) Sneha Kulkarni:-
Taliban and The New Role of Russia

Dr. Ramesh Raut
Department Of Defence & Strategic Studies