Bhonsala Military College    21-Sep-2023
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The central library was established in 1986 and caters to the academic needs of the students and staff. Apart from a collection of around 32000 books, the library also subscribes to periodicals and online resources. The services offered by the library include book circulation, reference service, Network Resource Center, newspaper clipping service, Inter Library Loan, book bank etc. The library is open till from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm on all working days.
Library housekeeping operations are automated using Vriddhi" Library module. The Software is used for book issue & return, book accessioning, reading room attendance etc. Sections in the library include a Stack area, Circulation area, reading room and Network Resource Centre

Services offered by the Library

Circulation - Lending of books to staff and students.

Reference service – Reference service is provided by the Library staff to assist staff and students in their assignments, projects, presentations, research and publications.

Network Resource Center (NRC) - For accessing academic websites, filling up of admission forms, university examination forms, competitive exam and scholarship forms.

E-resources – Library has subscribed to N-list and provide access to staff and PG students.

Clipping Services – News papers clippings of important news and events are displayed on the notice board. Records of news articles featuring Bhonsala Military College are maintained in the library.

Inter Library Loan (ILL) - The college library has entered into an Inter Library Loan agreement with libraries of other academic institutions. Staff and students of the college can visit these libraries and can access their resources.

Current Awareness Services – New arrivals list are displayed on the notice board for the students.

Activities- Library organizes orientation programmes for new enrolled students. Librarian’s day and Vachan Prerna Din are celebrate



Name: Mr. K. Binu
Qualification: BCS, B.LISc, ADIS, SET
Designation: Librarian
Experience: 23 Years

Name: Mrs. Shilpa Sonawane
Qualification: BA, M.LISc
Designation: Library Clerk
Experience: 18 Years

Name: Mr. Vikas Jadhav
Qualification: BSc
Designation: Library Attendant
Experience: 17 Years


Name: Mr. Prasad Muley
Qualification: M.A, M.LISc
Designation: Library Assistant
Experience: 2 Years